History of the Waterhouse

When talking about the origin of the Waterhouse Gallery we have to take a detour to Hamburg and the district of St Pauli. 15 years ago the all-profit organisation Viva con Agua was founded exactly there, by Benjamin Adrion, a football player of the FC St Pauli. The story goes back to a training camp of said football club in cuba, where Benny experienced the implications of a lacking access to water and basic sanitation. Out of this problem Viva con Agua and their mission, to improve the access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation and hygiene, arose. 

2010 was the first year the Millerntor Gallery, the original arts-, music- and culture festival opened its gates to the public. The Millerntor Gallery takes art as a universal language and transforms it into water.  The works which are housed on the walls of the football arena where VcA originates from are for sale and directly contribute towards financing WASH projects all over the world. 

In 2014 the idea of Viva con Agua was taken to the Netherlands, where three years after our version of the Millerntor Gallery, the Waterhouse Gallery,  was housed in Maastricht 2017 and 2018. More than 30 international as well as local artists, over 15 musicians, and over 25 volunteers were involved and reached ca. 1.000 visitors to transform art of all forms into clean drinking water. 


Waterhouse – Channeled

In 2020 there was a very motivated team working hard to create a wonderful gallery and unique cultural experience as the Waterhouse Gallery 2020. The team was excited to share with the audience all the brilliant artists and creative minds that applied to be part of this project. But as cases were rising and regulations tightend, in order to host an event that wouldn’t be any less than what the team dreamed it to be, for the safety of the audience, and for the opportunity to create something outstanding, it was decided to postpone the Waterhouse Gallery to 2021. Even though the big event was canceled, the team showed some wonderful motivation and created a virus safe alternative for everyone to enjoy from mid-November til mid-December: The Waterhouse Gallery Channeled.

Channeled was an art gallery in the windows of some very friendly people along the canals in Groningen. Like this, people could stop by, enjoy the art from the sidewalk and purchase art online in order to support the social cause of the Gallery! It was opened and closed by a day full of workshops and entertainment given by loads of inspiring people.

We shouldn’t go outside. But when going outside, let’s go for a walk. An art walk. Along the canal surrounding Groningen’s center we organised dome stops for you to look into windows with art in it while you are on a wonderful autumn walk.

As the trees go from green to yellow and from yellow to bare, the canals lead the path around our beloved Groningen. These fresh, autumn walks on familiar paths don’t cease to offer new surprises.

The Channeled exhibition follows these paths, displaying art in canal facing windows around Groingen. Discover the work of local and international artists in various stops throughout your walks from the 14th of November to the 13th of December.

Have you heard about Channeled?
Artist Line-Up of Channeled

Waterhouse Gallery 2017 & 2018 – Maastricht

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Your contact person

Sal Hartman

Secretary General


Sal is currently the only dutchie in the board of VcA NL, although he grew up in Italy and Malaysia. After getting to know Annika and Rouven at the boulder gym two years ago, they decided to move together into a ‘family house’. Sal is currently doing his master in Environmental Psychology, but is spending more time educating himself about regenerative agriculture at the moment. Although being the oldest of the VcA NL board, Sal has kept his inner child which allows him to get enthusiastic about new experiences and adventures. Whereas he is currently learning German, he is excited to attract more non-German members into the VcA NL network.


Annika Klingenberg



Annika has the most VcA experience under her belt in our crew. Together with Rouven, she set up the first crew in Groningen and prior to her move to NL she helped out at the Millerntor Gallery in the Sankt Pauli stadium in Hamburg as well as helping out at the Global Network Meeting twice. Annika is a strong leader and has shown her capability at leading a team during the planning of the Waterhouse Gallery in Groningen 2020. In her free time, she spins around in her Cyr wheel, she roller skates and is dedicated to her passion for coffee, with her newly started coffee truck business, Revista.


Our Family


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