The Viva con Agua Nederland Team

Rouven, Sal, Lissy, Lena & Annika

We are the Viva con Agua Nederland Team that you can reach any time you have questions, you want to organize an event or if you would like to collaborate!

Our founders

Alia Herrmann


Philippe Birker


Naima Lipka


Let us present to you the Board

Rouven Schütte



When Rouven went to the Global Network meeting of VcA in Germany he met Annika and with their combined motivation they started a crew in Groningen and brought the VcA spirit to the North of the Netherlands. When Rouven doesn’t take action for water for all, you can find him bouldering, playing the guitar or singing really loud. Rouven cares a lot for his loved ones and puts his whole heart into work that inspires him. When he commits to something you know you can 100% count on him. Soon you will probably find him on a farm practicing regenerative agriculture, actively fighting against climate change.


Anna-Lena (Lena) Schulz



A dance-loving law student walks into a bar…well actually, it was a cafe. That is basically how Lena spontaneously discovered a VcA Groningen crew meeting on a rainy night in February. This enticing encounter led her to stick around, and finally become our Chair (“Vorzitter”). You can usually find Lena on her racing bike, at the lake or going roller skating. Before starting her studies she travelled a lot. Through this, she acquired incredible Spanish skills that led her to choosing Granada for her semester abroad. Her action-rich lifestyle makes her the perfect fit as a Chair, being the supervising and driving force within the team while keeping track of all ongoings within the Team.


Sal Hartman

Secretary General


Sal is currently the only dutchie in the board of VcA NL, although he grew up in Italy and Malaysia. After getting to know Annika and Rouven at the boulder gym two years ago, they decided to move together into a ‘family house’. Sal is currently doing his master in Environmental Psychology, but is spending more time educating himself about regenerative agriculture at the moment. Although being the oldest of the VcA NL board, Sal has kept his inner child which allows him to get enthusiastic about new experiences and adventures. Whereas he is currently learning German, he is excited to attract more non-German members into the VcA NL network.


Annika Klingenberg



Annika has the most VcA experience under her belt in our crew. Together with Rouven, she set up the first crew in Groningen and prior to her move to NL she helped out at the Millerntor Gallery in the Sankt Pauli stadium in Hamburg as well as helping out at the Global Network Meeting twice. Annika is a strong leader and has shown her capability at leading a team during the planning of the Waterhouse Gallery in Groningen 2020. In her free time, she spins around in her Cyr wheel, she roller skates and is dedicated to her passion for coffee, with her newly started coffee truck business, Revista.


Lissy Voß



Lissy was lured into the VcA Groningen crew at its most primal state. While careful and skeptical at first, she blossomed at the Crew Christmas party. Here Lissy was a strong initiator of the fun, traditional and quirky games. After this, we couldn’t let her go. As head of education, Lissy spearheads the collaboration of VcA with schools and students. Beyond this, Lissy is a talented singer-songwriter, and illustrator, trying to combine her love for art with a way to survive in this society!


Our Family


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