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Do you want to get active yourself for clean drinking water and have fun at the same time? Then we are a perfect match! For us, all for water means: everyone can work for clean drinking water worldwide! We look forward to you becoming active with us to get one step closer to the vision of water for everyone. We follow the idea of all profit! This means: Commitment can be fun and everyone who is committed to clean drinking water with Viva con Agua should have the opportunity to contribute his or her potential, to learn together and to have a good time!

You want to join? We have created a little check list for you to go through:

  • Check out if there is a local VcA crew in your town! You can find them on Facebook or Instagram.
  • If you cannot find anything and are unsure if there might be a crew, just send us a mail to or send us a message on facebook!
  • No crew in your city? There are several possibilities:
    • Is there a LoveFoundation crew in your city? LoveFoundation are old friends of Viva con Agua and they are always happy to welcome new motivated people into their crew!
    • Are you super motivated and want to start your own crew? Go ahead!! We are happy to help you with that. Contact Rouven for that as he has some experience with setting up a crew!

Your contact person

Rouven Schütte



When Rouven went to the Global Network meeting of VcA in Germany he met Annika and with their combined motivation they started a crew in Groningen and brought the VcA spirit to the North of the Netherlands. When Rouven doesn’t take action for water for all, you can find him bouldering, playing the guitar or singing really loud. Rouven cares a lot for his loved ones and puts his whole heart into work that inspires him. When he commits to something you know you can 100% count on him. Soon you will probably find him on a farm practicing regenerative agriculture, actively fighting against climate change.


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