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The Viva con Agua family is as colorful and diverse as the people who commit themselves together. Numerous international organizations and social businesses have accrued from our commitment. Their appearance and form of their activism are very individual, but at the core they are united by a common vision:


WASH Bus Cape Town – VcA South Africa

Since 2021, we collaborate with VcA South Africa for a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project – the WASH bus with its goal to provide sanitation services for the homeless in Cape Town. We finance the project with (your) donations that we collect on festivals and the profit we make with our own events in the Netherlands, and VcA SA then implements the project on site in collaboration with local partner organisations.

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Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is our sister organisation in the Netherlands, which shares our mission of “Water for All” and provided the breeding ground for the foundation of Viva con Agua Netherlands. Together, we fundraise for our project by VcA South Africa: the WASH bus.

In addition to fundraising for water, the Love Foundation also aims to connect people and spread the idea of “universal love for all humans”. Their projects range from festivals over art exhibitions to a record label, but their main focus lies in organising dance parties with electronic music. Equally to Viva con Agua, the Love Foundation is entirely run by volunteers and donates its profit from its events to Viva con Agua, which in turn donates 100% of the money received from the Love Foundation to VcA South Africa.

Since its foundation in Maastricht in 2013, the Love Foundation has organised events in the Netherlands, the US, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Portugal, Israel, South Africa and France.

Love Foundation Amsterdam

Love Foundation Maastricht

Love Foundation Berlin

Love Foundation Magdeburg

Love Foundation Dresden

Love Foundation Munich

Love Foundation Tel Aviv

Love Foundation Brussels

Love Foundation Cape Town

Love Foundation Global

Viva con Agua und Social Business

The German branch of Viva con Agua has already established several Social Businesses, in order to transform the way in which the economy works. With Viva con Agua Wasser GmbH they aim to offer social alternatives on the mineral water market, with Viva con Agua Arts on the art market and with Goldeimer gGmbH on the sanitary product market.

Similarly, we at Viva con Agua Nederland believe that developing and supporting social businesses is the key to a lasting impact, which goes beyond the limits of a temporarily financed WASH project. This is why the promotion of social businesses in the context of WASH is becoming more and more established.

The Waterhouse Gallery is a social business started in the Netherlands, which organizes social art exhibitions and events, with the aim to support Viva con Agua and the water projects we are supporting. Similarly, does the Love Foundation, a community of activists and artists spreading love and connecting people, raise money for water development projects through cultural events.

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