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Waterhouse Gallery – Channeled


The Waterhouse Gallery – Channeled in groningen 2020
Artist Lineup of the Waterhouse Gallery – Channeled

Code Sangala Concert – MASMAS Groningen

On the 1st of December 2019, we had the pleasure of hosting Malawian national treasure Code Sangala. In Malawi, Code hosted several radio shows and is widely known for his music and positive energy. Our Austrian Viva Con Agua peers met him on a project visit in Malawi a couple of years ago and became good friends. Being on a visit in Europe, he asked us if he could stop by and how could we have said no?

With this being our first fundraising concert, pressure was on for us but! But from the first encounter on, Code took all our stress away with a big, warm smile. After a lunch with the crew, he met the musicians he was going to play with for the evening. And within three (!) hours he had taught a few of his songs of his album “Mizu” (2019) to his supporting musicians Bram (Bass), Luis (guitar) and Amsel (Percussion) and started playing the first song in the overfilled Masmas. With his fine acoustic tunes and a contagious energy, he quickly warmed up our stiff and freezing bodies. One after one, the crowd started dancing and clapping along and after one hour of singing, telling stories and improvising with his peers the whole café was left with a smile on their face singing “Oh Malawi – warm heart of Africa”.

The memory of the concert still makes us smile and we’re honoured to have had Code Sangala as our first performer!


The #waterisahumanright campaign is one of Viva con Agua’s most popular activities. It creates awareness of our vision that water is a human right.

Water for all – All for water

So our crew in Groningen could not resist to have a shooting as well!!

Groningen Crew

International Ocean Film Tour 2020

Last year in March our crew attended the International Ocean Film Tour. We got in touch with people to let them know about our cause, and handed out VcA tote bags for small donations. Thinking back to this time feels like thinking about life on another planet. And this life was suddenly interrupted, so was the Ocean Film Tour, and so were our efforts.

Our Family


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