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We need you to get involved!

Why do we actually campaign for this project?

Because we firmly believe, that our commitment can and does have a positive impact – And because getting socially active is just fun! For this reason, we consider Viva con Agua to be an All-Profit organization.  Everybody benefits: the visitors, artists and organizers of events for and with Viva con Agua; the initiative itself; and especially the people in the areas of our projects.

Your creativity does not have any boundaries- Pretty much everything is doable! Nobody is obliged or forced to do something; Just dabble in and find out yourself!

You are the Drop!

Cells & Local Crews

Viva con Agua Cells & Local Crews are a pool of VcA-activists in a city or region, who jointly campaign for clean drinking water. Spirit and purpose is to pool our energy to jointly organize events, develop ideas and make use of your contacts.

Events encompass educational events at schools, such as sponsored runs (Run 4 WASH) or presentations, organizing fundraisers, such as parties or conferences. There are no limits to your creativity.

Join a local crew or cell in your area. If there is no official local crew yet, group-up with like minded friends and launch your own Viva con Agua Local crew. Overtime, your Local Crew could become a cell!

Since the launch of Viva con Agua Netherlands in 2015, Maastricht is the mother-cell.

Contact our team directly with the email-address provided below if you want to join or bring Viva con Agua to your town!

How to get involved?

1.)     Join our Pool-Community and support us at several, mostly bigger events or projects, such as festivals and concerts.

2.)     That is not enough? You want to engage actively in organizing together with the VcA team? Then join or local crew! In the Netherlands we are so far active in Maastricht. Just send us an e-mail for further information, we are excited to hear from you!

3.)     There is no local crew in your city or area? Group up with same-minded people and bring Viva con Agua to your hometown. We are happy to help you: (contact e-mail?)

You want to help build up Viva con Agua in the Netherlands?

Internship position available

Are you interested in issues relating to water, building and expanding the network of activists that strive for access to clean drinking water for all, creating educational events, helping gathering new partners? Do you want to have an internship, in which you can manifest your strengths, initiative and where you actually learn a lot,rather than cooking coffee and using the printer? Do you want to get ECTS credits for university and do something you can stand behind, rather than wasting a semester wasted?

If your answer to these questions is yes, feel free to apply for an internship at Viva Con Agua and contact: or

All for WATER-WATER for all!