Love Foundation

Viva con Agua Nederland and the Love Foundation

Who is the Love Foundation?

The Love Foundation is a global network of activists and artists organizing creative projects to connect people and support social issues that are based on the universal idea of love.

The organisation was founded in 2013 by two students from Maastricht University in the Netherlands inspired by the founder of Viva con Agua Germany Benjamin Adrion.

Today the Love Foundation is selling their own Fairtrade Merchandise and organizes a variety of activities, ranging from arts exhibitions and football tournaments to electronic music events. The idea of those events is to spread the universal word of love and promote fundraising projects dear to our hearts. Now actively branching out from Maastricht to Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, and Perth.

For the Love Foundation, the universal idea of loves manifests itself in 5 core pillars, which we support and grow all times.

  • social and environmental sustainability
  • Water for All!
  • Community Activism
  • A good mood is the best mood for creating positive change
  • Unconditional love for all human beings


How do Viva con Agua and the Love foundation go together? Love-WATER

One of Love Foundation’s pillars is “Water for All”, an approach which is coinciding with and inspired by Viva con Agua’s mission: Giving access to clean drinking water to every single human being on this planet. Viva con Agua and the Love Foundation believe that everyone should have access to clean drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene. Water is a human right!

Since Viva con Agua Nederland’s birth, Love Foundation has been our partner and dearest ally. The Love Foundation is regularly organizing events to raise awareness and funds to support VcA in our mission of providing humanely access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Check out the pictures below to get an impression of what is done!

Love Foundation Events for Viva con Agua

Lekker lovin’ – Love me every day, 16.2016

What’s up Lovers!

We are back in 2016 and bring to you our monthly party! Some of you may have spent the day of Valentines alone, but not to worry, come down to Il Cavo and spread that excess love. If that doesn’t apply to you, bring your significant other and convert that love into funky dance moves. Don’t miss our highly exciting fruit o’ clock, where you will be indulged with delicious seasonal fruit. Turn up on the night dressed in something red and get that free shot you’ve been waiting for!

Groovy sounds and awesome vibes guaranteed!

Love Room III, 25.02.2016

Dear Lovers,

It’s our pleasure to invite you to our third Love Room, our regular Love foundation get-together for music lovers. Swing by to enjoy some funky sounds, a loveable atmosphere, and some groovy dance moves

The idea is to create a cozy space in ’t Keldertje, Landbouwbelang’s factory basement. Our finest DJ’s will be spinning their favourite vinyl in a comfortable venue, we aim to put together something à la boiler room to give Maastricht that different, and special touch. This one is even more special because it is also Bob‘s birthday so be sure to give him some love when you see him!



Some of us will spin some of our favourite records


We have the honor to introduce you to two DJs from Aachen. Marius Drescher (Pure Records/Ostwind Records) and CRVEL (WE Music) will be playing their favorite records. Both DJs are from “INFINITE∞” (

Make sure to check out their Soundcloud pages: