An important aspect of Viva con Agua’s fundraising approach is the engagement at all sorts of festivals. On this site we will show you, where and how we appeared at festivals in the Netherlands to collect donations for Viva con Agua and our partner Simavi.


A visit in the magical kingdom of Elfia!

Each year Kasteel de Haar in Utrecht (NL) hosts an event for all fantasy folks of this planet. For two days the old castle and its grounds are home to countless different species and is a great place to spot detailed and lovingly made costumes.

In 2015, Viva con Agua sent their own representatives to the magical kingdom of Elfia (check out the official website www.elfia.com) to collect bottles of Elfia Mead, the drink of the gods. This way we were able to raise 130 Euros! Many thanks to our volunteers who walked around the kingdom tirelessly in sunshine and rain; and to everyone at Elfia, visitors, organizers, fellow-merchants. It was a truly unforgettable experience!

Check out the pictures of our unique encounters below:

Encounters at Elfia