Save Water


In our everyday life, we often times are not aware of our behaviour with regards to water-usage. Starting from brushing Logo Dropletsour teeth in the morning, until our bath in the evening, there are many ways in which we use water. Starting with yourself, you can already save a lot of water!

How to save water:

  1. Showering instead of bathing! A full bathtub of water requires 200 liters of water. Six minutes of showering on the other hand only consume 70 liters. I
  2. In addition to that certain shower-head attachments can decrease the water use significantly- by up to 50%. (Singing in the shower is way nicer than in the bathtub, anyway)
  3. Modern low toilet tanks save, in comparison to old high toilet tanks about 8 liters of water with every flush. If your toilet has a water-saving option, use it.
  4. Dishwashers and washing-machines are only happy, if filled completely! If you just have to wash one fork or two plates, you can as well do it by hand! In addition to that, washing detergents for our dishwashers use way more aggressive chemicals than normal dishwashing-liquids. Relieve your environment AND save water.
  5. If you do not have enough laundry to fill a machine on your own, start a washing-pool. Ask your housemates or friends, and you can share a machine.
  6. Turn off the tap while doing your dishes, wash, brush your teeth or shave!
  7. _DSC0093If you’re lucky and have a garden, only water your plants and sprinkle your lawn, because less water will evaporate! If possible, gather water in a rain-barrel!
  8. When you are cooking and you want to clean your vegetables, do not use running water. A bowl of water works just as fine. The water you used can still be used to water your plants afterwards.
  9. Use your dishwater smartly! If you start with glasses and plates, use the same water to clean pans and pots. If it is still okay afterwards, you can even use it to clean the floor.
  10. If your water taps are dripping, make sure that your turned the tap off completely or, if necessary replace the seal. Every year 5.000l of water are lost due to dripping taps.