Run 4 Wash


Your sweat turns into clean drinking water! 

By a sponsored run at your school, club or company you can achieve a lot, with small footsteps and support Viva con Agua Nederland’s and Simavi’s “WASH and Learn!” programmes in Kenya. Become a part of it, it’s easy!

After you decided to participate in Run4WASH, everybody at your school, club or company should of course know what Viva con Agua and Simavi are doing, why we are fundraising and where the donations actually are spent. For this reason Viva con Agua supporters and representatives will come by and inform everybody interested in the sponsored run.

Subsequent to our visit everybody knows, why donations are needed. Now the participants look for sponsors in their environment (parents, family, neighbours, etc.), who are willing to donate a fixed amount for each lap you run.

Eventually, the actual Run4WASH takes place, and all the runners start running laps on the designated track. For every lap you get a stamp on your lap-card. At the end you count, you calculate, and a preliminary subtotal of the donations can be made!

After the Run4WASH the participants walk up to their sponsors, show their lap-card. Now the sponsors give their donations to the runner. Of course transferring the money is possible, too.

When all runners collected the money, the total amount can be transferred to Viva con Agua. The Viva con Agua representatives will come back to your school, club or company and a celebratory handover of the check will take place.

Simavi, dearest partner of Viva con Agua Nederland will use the raised money to support their WASH & Learn programme.


FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is a Run4WASH?

A Run4WASH is a simple way for your school, club or company to support Viva con Agua, while being active and doing some sports. It all started with an internation Run4WASH day in 2014, on which more than 15.000 pupils in Germany, Switzerland and Austria ran their laps to support WASH projects.

What are the donations being used for?

A lack of access to water and basic sanitation are at the core of the 21st century’s most pressing issues. 768 million people around the globe have no access to clean drinking water. On top of that, 2.5 billion people live without sufficient basic sanitation. Thus, Viva con Agua, in cooperation with Simavi support water projects, to give people in developing countries access to clean drinking water, basic sanitation and education about hygiene.

What das WASH stand for?

The strong inter-relatedness of the areas of  drinking water supply, basic sanitation and hygiene/health is the reason for which all three of the components need to be taken into consideration in a balanced way, in order to implement successful projects. These three components together form the so-called WASH-sector (WASH= WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene).

Is Viva con Agua always sending representatives for the presentation, the sponsored run and the handover of the check?

Yes, whenever possible, since VcA wants to campaign for clean drinking water together with you, as well as to support and acknowledge your efforts.

There are incidents, on which we unfortunately have no control (e.g. absence due to sickness). Therefore, we cannot give a 100%-guarantee.

How can I join?

You are interested to organize a Run4WASH at your school, club or company? – Just contact us under We are looking forward to you!

Who are VcA-Supporters?

Viva con Agua consists of a big voluntary network, where a diverse range of individuals spend their free time to campaign for Viva con Agua.

Who is organizer of the sponsored runs?

The sponsored runs take place in regular schooltime and thus the specific school is organizer of the Run4WASH.

Can I still participate, even without contact to schools?

Yes, you are kindly invited to do so! Participate as an individual runner, by starting your own event or directly donate online.

I have another question!

You had a look at the FAQs and texts and have further questions? No problemo, just send an e-mail to: