Tap Water

Consume Tap Water

According to Euromonitor International bottled water is on the rise in our beloved Netherlands. Yet, the water coming from your tap is just as good – and 1000-times better with regards to sustainability.

A common argument made in favor of consuming bottled water is its high portion of dissolved minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and sodium. This advantage, though, is less relevant than commonly assumed. Our necessary intake of those minerals is completely covered by our daily food-intake: We find Calcium in the milk we drink, magnesium in whole grain products and vegetables, and eventually we find sodium in our table-salt. In addition to this, most bottled waters do not even have a higher percentage of minerals than our tap water.

Concerned about the quality of your drinking water in the Netherlands? You should not be! Dutch drinking water goes through some 20 steps of purification before reaching your tap. (www.iamexpat.nl)

In addition to that there are some significant environmental arguments in favor of drinking tap water. Bottling, packaging and transporting bottled water have a highly negative influence on our environmental record, especially when the water is imported (due to the high logistic effort of transportation). Producing the plastic bottles requires huge amounts of oil and the bottles, if not disposed correctly, take decades until they are degraded. In the Netherlands the average per capita consumption of water already is way below the average of European bottled water consumption (21.6l vs. 104l), which is something to be proud of. But let’s see, whether we can decrease this figure even more!

Tap water – Cheap, ecologically sustainable and just good!

You can enjoy tap water everywhere! At home, at university, at your job, on the road, no limitations! If you want to take it one step further, use an old glass bottle and refill it.

You do not like your tap water? Make it something special: You can add slices of ginger, mint, or balm to give your tap water your personal style. Be creative, and make it yours!

If you are still not convinced and want to stick to your bottled water, simply buy water from springs from your area!