We about ourselves

All for Water – Water for all

Viva con Agua (VcA) is a community with meaning; our aim is to use joy in order to achieve positive change in this world. We are an open network of motivated people and organization, campaigning for a humane access to clean drinking-water and provision of sanitary basic supplies for everybody.

The opportunities to become active for Viva con Agua are just at vast and diverse as the individuals representing VcA. There is no limit for your creativity and everybody should decide for her- or himself, which kind of commitment works best for her or him. We want to bring about positive change in this world – COLLECTIVELY, WITH YOU! Every single idea, every single form of involvement counts. Fundraising is only done properly, when it is done creatively- and fun!

The various supporters of Viva con Agua are the very heart of this organization. Together with you action becomes possible – and to come one step closer to our overall aim: Water for All!

Thus, we would like to express our gratitude and we are excited about everyone, who becomes active with Viva con Agua to make thirst a thing of the past!

Viva con Agua (VCA) is a network of people and organizations, which is committed to a global, safe and humane access to clean water and basic sanitation. We try to raise awareness for the global topics of WATER, SANITATION and HYGIENE (WASH short) with creative and joyous projects and simultaneously collect donations for water projects of our partner Simavi.


The non-profit organization Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV constitutes the center of the VCA-cosmos, although, there are now several other organizations in the pool of the Viva con Agua. Viva con Agua itself, can be considered the starting point for the majority of our activities, whether they might be workshops and charity runs in schools, campaigning on festivals and tours, or the co-ordination and training of our great network of volunteer supporters and fellow institutions.


Short History:

2005, the idea for VcA was born in Cuba in a training camp of the football club FC St. Pauli.

2006 Some of the players of FC St. Pauli officially founded the e. V. Club Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli.

Followed in 2009 by the creation of Viva con Agua Switzerland as a non-profit association.

2009 VCA initiator Benjamin Adrion Deputy. VCA, receives the Federal Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz).

In 2010, the Viva con Agua Foundation was founded to assure the longevity of the VCA ideas and ideals.

In 2010, we started our first social business: The VCA water GmbH, which sells the first VCA bottled water.

2013 Viva con Agua Austria becomes a non-profit organisation, shortly after its establishment.

2013 The Love Foundation crystalizes itself as direct partner and VcA forerunner in the Netherlands

2014 The number of volunteering VCA Supporter rises to over 6,000.

2014 The VCA network is now active in more than 40 European cities with volunteers

2014 The Goldeimer GmbH (green/composting toilets) arises out of the VcA pool as the next social business creation.

2015 Viva con Agua Netherlands is founded as a non-profit association

2015 The number of volunteer VCA Supporter rises to over 10,000

2015 Viva con Agua Kampala begins (Uganda), the first honorary crew in a project country!

How does Viva Con Agua’s work manifest in the Netherlands?

We try to approach the serious and difficult topic of Development work from a completely different angle. We communicate cheerful and positive, sometimes cheeky, but always without moralizing. We use creative techniques to reach exactly the target group, which usually is not influenced by the common Chartity organisations. Furthermore, we provide the urgent and necessary education on water and development aid, that Dutch society is lacking. All of our projects run under the VCA-drop Logo or the Love foundation Circles and entail:

Viva con Agua – Our Projects

Viva con Agua supports domestic and global projects

Viva con Agua is a network of people and organisations commited to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide. To accomplish these objectives VCA supports a range of domestic and global projects.

Global projects

We support so called WASH-Projects, which is short for the project-components WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene. Further we supplement many projects with art productions of local and international artists. We are convinced that art is a proper way to get complicated and tricky content across easily and have fun doing so.

Domestic projects

In the Netherlands our main goal is to activate the civil society and sensitize people for the global issues of clean drinking water and basic access to sanitation. We want to encourage people to (re-)think and therefore we are on the road everyday to show that you can change the world in a positve manner and have fun doing so