FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Viva con Agua?
    • ALL for WATER – WATER for ALL: The global water-cycle connects all of us. For this reason we believe that a solution to the global water-crisis can only be found if we pool our energy jointly.
    • Viva con Agua (VcA) is an internationally active network. Our mission is to sustainably improve the accessibility to clean drinking water and sanitation in developing countries. By means of creative fundraising-measures (which are fun!), educational events and an ever-growing network of supporters Viva con Agua is supporting water-projects globally. We campaign for a more conscious and responsible use of our most important resource – WATER!
  • Why is Viva con Agua special?
    • VcA understands itself as the world’s first All-Profit organization – everybody profits- because meaningfulness and fun belong together! The best example for this is the festival-season: As a supporter at a festival you are given the opportunity to see amazing artists live, while you are raising money for clean drinking water! But it is not only the festival season: Throughout the whole year VcA is offering a platform to share your own ideas and turn them into an actual event. As an open network VcA wants to create positive connections and with fun and creativity have a positive impact on your environment. No matter whether you are an artist, football-player, party-promoter or student- VcA offers a solid platform for self-initiative to anybody! Every idea is welcome.
  • Where is Viva con Agua from? Sounds kinda spanish!
    • VcA was founded in the Netherlands in 2015 as a daughter of VcA’s mothership Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. from Hamburg. Viva con Agua arose in Hamburg’s infamous district St. Pauli in the environment of the legendary football club FC St. Pauli. The former footballer Benjamin Adrion became aware of the problematic drinking-water situation during a training camp in Cuba, 2005. Subsequently he decided to stand up and do something. At the age of 25 he founded Viva con Agua, ended his career as a footballer and dedicated almost three years voluntarily to VcA, alongside a lot of supporters. The spanish name, thus, finds its roots in Cuba: Viva con Agua = Life with Water!
  • How did Viva con Agua conquer the Netherlands?
    • Benjamin Adrion gave a speech in Maastricht in 2012, after which Philippe and David got inspired to become active for Viva con Agua. Out of a variety of motivations, they then decided to start their own foundation called Stichting Love Foundation, to bring the ideas and spirit of Viva con Agua to the Netherlands. In 2015, after the first solid 3 years of the Love Foundation in the Netherlands and beyond, Vereniging Viva con Agua Nederland was founded in order to support and expand the abilities of the already existing network of activists.
  • What are local crews and cells?
    • It is every single supporter who keeps Viva con Agua alive! Your own ideas and involvement give color and creativity to the VcA cosmos. Do you want to be part of the VcA-network, engage actively or just get some more information? Just send an e-mail to contact@vivaconagua.nl. Viva con Agua is offering you the opportunity to join a local crew or cell in your city or region. You do not have a crew in your area yet? Bring VcA to your town! Contact us: contact@vivaconagua.nl
  • How can I donate to Viva con Agua?
    • The biggest chunk of the donations to VcA are generated by creative actions at concerts, festivals, sports-events and activity at schools. Of course, every other donation is welcome! To see how you can donate, just press the donate button on top of this page!
  • Why does Viva con Agua commit to water projects?
    • Out of about 8 billion people living on our planet Earth today, 748 million do not have access to clean drinking water and three times as many (2,5 billion), are living without access to sanitation. Water is next to the air we breathe the crucial resource to provide for life and development. For VcA this fact is crucial to our motivation to react- To realize water-projects.
  • How are people in project-areas involved in the projects?
    • One of the core principles guiding VcA’s and Simavi’s work is “help to self-help”. Aid is meant to make the people active contributors of the projects. Thus, Simavi is always interested to link their efforts to already existing movements and processes and to support existing organizations or to create a framework, which enables autonomous movements or organizations to come into existence and become active. To involve the affected population actively in a project and to make them contribute (both with working effort and financial means) from the beginning is a crucial part of Viva con Agua’s and Simavi’s tenet. Likewise the water committee, as a body of authority for the local maintenance, is prepared for its tasks via education and training. The acquired knowledge is spread throughout the local population by the water committee. Building WASH facilities goes hand in hand with a sensibilisation of the local population with regards to the links between water, hygiene and health.
  • What does WASH stand for?
    • WASH stands for WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene. Water-projects are developed in a holistic approach – always in connection to the creation of sanitation and education of the population about hygiene and health.
  • How much money actually reaches the projects?
  • Funding VcAWhere does VcA already exist?
    • Viva con Agua de St. Pauli is the heart and mothership of VcA. The aim is to create a stable, dynamic and decentralized network. Viva con Agua is a family business, no matter in which city or in which country. ALL for WATER – WATER for ALL